Rowan Atkinson (“Mr Bean”) Talks sense on Islam (Muslims, Moslims, Religion)

Rowan Atkinson on Islam (Muslims, Moslims, Religion)

“What is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion if the activities or teaching of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked.” — Rowan Atkinson

Mr Bean talking sense

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

22 Responses to “Rowan Atkinson (“Mr Bean”) Talks sense on Islam (Muslims, Moslims, Religion)”
  1. tayeb says:

    speak ur opinion if it is enlightend by knowledge and research.. if not then do not insult ppl with ur ignorance. theres over a billion decent muslims. i consider my self one. malcolm x became gentler and less racist after embracing true international islam.

    • Mr Atkinson is not saying anything about individual Muslims and their decency. He is attacking the religion itself. And I agree with him. No other religion has historically caused so many human rights abuses that I know of, with the exception perhaps of Christianity. And even Christians now face persecution in places like Pakistan, Egypt, and Syria. Girls of nine and younger being forced into marriage with older men, some dying because their immature bodies have been subjected to sexual abuse, women being raped and then stoned to death for adultery, slavery, genital mutilation, Dhimmitude, Jizya, capital punishment for homosexuality… need I go on? All those things are permissable within many Islamic states. Fundamental Islam as is practiced there is simply not compatible with Western culture. That’s the unfortunate truth.

      • Kajo says:

        Christians didn’t commit half the myths about them. The crusades were a reaction of three hundred years of jihad from Muslims. It started because Christians I the middle east were begging the pope and the king of France to protect them. Also the inquisition was not nearly as bad as people claim. It was way way more just and non violent than European and other world governments of them time. In fact people would utter blasphemy in court so that they would get a better trial from the church than the government. Also when the inquisition was outlawed in Spain the people were rioting and protesting in the street. When the slave trade started the Catholic church immedeatley condemned it and much of the protestant world did as well. There is a stark difference in a faith where the Founder preaches complete peace compared to a faith where the founder is a military general. This myth that Christianity is like Islam is propagated by the far left and is distracting from the fact that Islam is a violent and political faith

      • Cenwynn says:

        Anthony, I beg to differ. By Christianity, I suppose you are referring to the Crusades. If you looked up the history of the Crusades you will find compared to Muslims in that era the Crusaders did very little in the killing field. You should look it up. Christians respect girls and women, slavery is not tolerated nor is genital mutilation. I could go on but you would not want to listen. However I would go on the net if I were you and print “Muslims vs Crusaders – killings”. I am sure you will be dismayed or shocked even. Somehow I don’t think you will bother as you don’t want to know the truth. I have always said, if you take the Christians away from volunteering, caring, donating, feeding, gifting, etc of the poor and needy you will have a very sad World indeed. ISIS as they have gone from city to city and town to town have killed anyone who would not convert to Islam and bow down to Allah. Even if a Christian said he would convert that person would be killed anyway. And as they did this they were killing all the kind, loving, caring, giving people in the World. There will be no one to look after the ill, the orphans, and needy. Sadly to say, these people will die. Will ISIS care. Not on your Nelly. Will ISIS give up some ammunition to pay the needy’s needs, or will they pick up a child and cuddle it or feed it, no way. They would kill an unwanted baby. So the World is going to be in a terrible state after ISIS has finished its way. So please don’t knock the true Christians. They are the life and soul of all populations. After the ISIS has done with the countries it hates who is going to pick up the tabs or volunteer to be kind, courteous and loving unconditionally. ISIS?????? NO. And who is going to look after all the pregnancies of the girls and women who have been raped. I should imagine both will be killed. It makes me weep sometimes that most people have not seen the bigger picture here. I only hope the good Lord comes back soon and claim all land that is Israel’s for Israel, give ISIS what for, give the uncaring governments an earful, especially America, of how they should have helped with Israel, the orphans, the women and young girls who will never be the same again. the left over Christians who have been to hell and back.

    • maorime says:

      Well you say ‘”one true religion ” but even Islam is divided between at least 2 ie Shiites and sunnies, you augue and murder even between yourselves!!! You can do what u like to yourselves for all I care but leave our British culture alone. If you don’t like our culture then tell me, why not go to live with your own kind???

  2. Inas says:

    Masha’allah! :-)

  3. Mellow says:

    Lol. this isnt what he said on Islam. This is what he said when he became atheist from being a christian.

    You guys really know how to play the media. this is old news dude. he went atheist for so long because he said christian is practiced by promoting capitalism out of communism and is absurd. they just want to use christian to promote democracy.

    Study your shit.
    Thats why you have university to go to.

    • Johnny says:

      His words may have been aimed at Christianity, but that doesn’t make it any less applicable to fundamentalist Sunni Islam. If the cap fits…

  4. RAV says:

    If Islam is so barbaric, abusive and such an intolerant religion then why is it the fastest growing faith in the world and in the West, and mostly amongst western women? Surely these thousands of people who are reverting to Islam are not reverting because they find its barbaric and intolerant beliefs appealing? Use your brains and go do your own independent research about Islam and read the Quran and you’ll find the TRUTH about this GREAT WAY OF LIFE. AND YOU MAY EVEN BECOME ONE OF THESE REVERTS INSHALLAH!!!!

    • Mark says:

      It’s not Islam that’s the problem. It’s those damn extremists who trash the faith that makes people suspicious of Islam and think of it as something to steer well clear of. I’ve lived in the middle east myself as a young kid when my dad worked there and have understood a bit about Islam and the Quoran; still have no interest in it and nor would I ever wish to convert to being of that faith. I consider that doing so to be traitorous to my own race being English. We are either Catholics or Protestants; not some faith from some far away land of a race that could not be more different to us. I don’t expect muslims to become either catholics/protestants and not do I expect any British becoming islamists. And I don’t like being preached at either!

    • tommy says:

      why then is that u bow to a myth brought on by barbaric idiot some years ago and that you treat women as second hand goods leaving then to do your biding and not pray at your same churchas you every religion is a man made myth to do as they want changing word for word when man feel inclined if i had my way i would deport all muslims would like to see a christian try and build a church in an islamic state and wear clothes as they like bikinis on the beach walk down the street in a swim wear then see what they do islama ia a pagan religion as much as the christian ones are

    • Paul Roberts says:

      Fastest growing? You really are ignorant. islam lives in fear by not allowing other Faiths to co-exist equally, killing apostates and spreading through violence. Bibles are forbidden in Saudi Arabia because you all know that people would leave your religion in the MILLIONS if it was allowed.

      As for using the word ‘reverts’ – get real. islam was CREATED by mohammed in the 7th Century. It is relatively new amongst Religions.

    • ron ponsford says:

      they can do what ever they like but not in my country .

    • DrJLDneurology says:

      Because they breed like rats. They also kill people who will not be Believers. I have done deep research on Islam and have discovered that you are talking through your hat. If you have fallen for all their lies and calumny, then you are even more stupid than your remarks imply.

    • wayne says:

      you inbreed like rats

    • B. J. says:

      Islam is growing, because of FORCED conversions, and socially irresponsible birthrates. Muslims tend to have many children, in a world already strained and stressed by over population.

    • Christian Bateman says:

      Because we are confronted with convert or die? because your the only warlike religion left? that’s why ur that fastest growing.

  5. Stu Davies says:

    islam is a barbaric cult who ritually slaughter animals, say a pray to allah while the poor animal bleeds to death. Its full of old men that marry 12 year old girls, WTF? Islam should be banned…

  6. Paul Gibbs says:

    No such yhing as a decent Muslim! There are those that spread hate and violence and generally sound off about how bad we all are in the West and then there are those who hide in the back ground and allow (even tolerate) these individuals to be allowed to do things in the name of a faith that hypocritically calls itself ‘peaceful’.

  7. steve uncles says:

    Reblogged this on Steve Uncles – English Democrats and commented:

    Good to see a Celebrity talk sense for once !

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